7 Podcasts You Should Listen To Inspire You

6 Podcasts You Should Listen To Inspire You

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5 Podcasts You Should Listen To

Podcasts are my favourite thing to listen to when I’m commuting, walking or doing my ironing!

I love listening to stories, learning something new or getting inspired.

Podcasts are like a serialised show that you can download.

You can do this on your phone or stream on your laptop or other mobile devices.

You can access it through the Podcast app on Apple or Podcast Addict on Android.

Downloading existing podcasts is super easy.
You can also “Subscribe” to shows so that every time there is a new episode it downloads to your device to listen to when you want.

I like the convenience and variety of podcasts, so here are my favourites:

Radio Lab

If you like science programmes that delve deep into the psyche, this is one of my favourite podcasts. It explores science, philosophy and general stories weaving them all seamlessly into amazing episodes for our consumption.


If you haven’t heard of Serial where have you been? It’s highly addictive and based on a true story.

The first series focused on an American Muslim teenager convicted of killing his High School Girlfriend, and the evidence that puts that in doubt.

And the second one is focussed on an American soldier that deserted his post in the Afghanistan war and the subsequent trial that follows and his reasons for abandoning his post, as he was kidnapped and the returned in exchange for Afghan soldiers.

Soulful PR with Janet Murray

I’ve learned so much from this podcast about blogging, social media and marketing. A must for anyone wanting to get in-depth on the subject.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

I love the variety of topics that focus on female issues from periods to science fiction. If it affects women, this podcast has covered it.

Hashtag Authentic

The podcast from Me and Orla’s Sara Tasker is jam-packed with interviews and tips from Sara herself all about Instagram and the people whose accounts you should follow.

Made Online

The Made Online podcasts have interviews with your favourite bloggers on how they were made online.

What She Said

What She Said a Podcast for Creatives is hosted by Lucy Lucraft, a Blogger and Journalist who delves into everything from Instagram, Blogging and How to Stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Featuring interviews with awesome creatives, this is a lovely way to learn something and get inspired by people’s stories. It’s like listening to 2 friends having a chat over a cup of tea.

One of my favourites!

I love listening to my on my wireless Bluetooth Headphones so I can be in my own little world whilst I’m getting fit!



7 Podcasts You Should Listen To - 7 great podcasts to inspire and entertain you whilst you get fit, commute or do household chores.

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