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Looking to save money, make money and live a debt free lifestyle? Money Savvy Muslim is a blog started in September 2017 to help you live the life you want without compromising your beliefs.


The goal of Money Savvy Muslim is to help people live the life they want without making HUGE unachievable changes as this is where most people fail to change their relationship with money.

We feature practical information on everything from how to find the best Car Insurance in time to how to make money on eBay from your unwanted things, and even getting things for FREE!


Featuring ways to save money, make money and highlighting books, charities we work with and small business that are up and coming that you need to know about, our mission is to build up a community of like-minded people who share the same values.

Money is one of those things that unite us and rather than boring articles that just make you feel bad, we present financial information in an easy to understand way whilst taking into account Islamic principles.

We can’t make everyone happy but we can recommend beauty products that make you feel fabulous on your own personal journey!


I’m Humaira Ahmad, a 30-something not so thrifty person.

Since having a Stroke last year at the age of 31, I’ve been unable to work full-time and as such our income has shrunk significantly. I’ve tried everything from becoming a Makeup Artist, Proof Reader and even selling things on eBay but had no luck in replacing that full-time income.

Since graduating from University, I have always held full-time work but since the Stroke last year, that’s not been possible. On the road to recovery, I had to get creative and learn to save the money we did have and make it work harder for us.

I decided to create this blog to document my efforts and help other Muslims and non-Muslims to save money, make money and live the life they want without compromising their beliefs or values.

My dream is to pay off my student loans and live a debt free life In Shaa Allah (God willing).

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please email me at humaira@moneysavvymuslim.com.


These awesome people wanted to feature me, and I’m so thankful for their support!

Money Savvy Muslim – March 2018 Featured Blogger