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Millionaire Hair Mist – Bodycare with a British Asian Twist.

In this series called Business In The Spotlight, we highlight Muslim owned or Muslim catering businesses who you may or may not know about and help you to understand the human story behind the brand.

Jas is not the typical Instagram business owner despite the legion of fangirls hovering in her DMs.

She’s a mother of 2 grown up children, a wife and an astute businesswoman.

Despite her fame, she’s down to earth, humble and straight talking.

I never thought to buy her products until I heard about them from Yasmine Alom and Modest Street.

When they put it out there that it was amazing for Hijabis suffering hair loss, ding ding ding! I had to buy it and try it!

I bought Millionaire Hair Mist from The Good Place in May 2017.
And started following her on Instagram shortly after.

I interacted with her Instagram stories because I found her funny and no-nonsense.

Which in the world of fake followers and questionable content is quite refreshing.

Her business is small enough that she answers DMs (Direct Messages) on Instagram and e-mail herself whilst also running 2 Pharmacies with her husband AND cooking him “can’t be arsed Daal” (we’ve all done that, admit it!).

Peptide Pro and Millionaire Hair mist


Jas says that her brand is a British Asian twist on focused on body care products using high-quality ingredients.

She started her business by trying to import Ayurvedic oils from India.

But the labs in the UK didn’t recognise the ingredients, so she kept trying until she hit on Millionaire Hair Mist.

And now the recently launched Millionaire Peptide Pro range.

More products are in the works!

Inspiration Strikes

I was working in a Pharmacy for 15 years and when I got to 40, I realised I wasn’t happy and didn’t enjoy it.

I needed to do something else as my kids were growing up and I needed to do something for me.

Finding the money to start the business was tough, and I had to make a lot of sacrifices to pay for it.  

25 years ago when I first started working in a Pharmacy, you could make and sell your own products without all the rules and regulations there are now, so I wanted to make and sell something that would be beneficial to a wider audience.

Bumps in the Road

Jas didn’t understand social media at all. She didn’t understand why she had to work with social influencers.

With a discerning global audience all accessible through social media. Getting her products seen proved challenging.

I had to find the right people who questioned the brand like Modest Street, and who would understand the ingredients and why they were beneficial to communicate it to their followers and make sales.

My mum was behind me 100% from the start as is my husband and family. My husband was surprised but supportive at this new entrepreneurial streak I suddenly developed at 40!

What Makes Millionaire Hair Mist Unique?

The products including Millionaire Hair Mist and Peptide Pro are Halal Certified. Made in a scientific lab by experienced scientists.

Jas herself is not Muslim, she’s Sikh, so to go for the Halal certification which requires stringent testing and strict criteria means she’s catering to her Muslim customers, which we all know is a HUGE untapped market!

They use recyclable bottles, simple packaging and high-quality ingredients.
It’s all about the products, not the fancy packaging, which adds to the final cost.

On the high street, there’s nothing new or exciting out there, so my products fill a gap for women wanting more from their skin and hair care.

Business in the Spotlight - Millionaire Hair Mist Interview & Review Pinterest


The original product in the Millionaire Hair Mist range is a dry hair oil. You use it after washing your hair as a leave-in conditioner.

I use it every couple of days to refresh my hair between washes because I don’t wash it that often as Hijabi.

I love the scent of the product and that fact that with a few sprays I’m taking care of my hair in no time.

Most leave-in conditioners or hair oils leave the hair quite greasy.

The Millionaire Hair Mist is so light you only need a few pumps and it absorbs into the hair.

With the new iconic blue bottles, you can take them with you out and about with no fear of it getting broken.

Modest Street also sprays her dried makeup brushes with it so it not only moisturises and conditions her makeup brushes, but it smells nice too.

For context, I suffer from hair loss due to PCOS which is heartbreaking as a woman.

After using Millionaire Hair Mist my hair started to improve in condition.
Then I added SNI hair oil to my routine alongside the Millionaire Hair Mist and my hair is not only healthier alhamdulillah that my mum and sister didn’t recognise it!

Last year, I was making peace with the fact that at 30 something, I was going bald but now I have hope Alhamdulillah and it’s all thanks to Millionaire Hair Mist.

With ingredients including:

  • Aloe vera – great for skin healing as we all know, but also amazing to lock in moisture
  • Blackcurrant extract & Pomegranate extract – both work to bring your locks back to life and heal damage
  • Argan Oil – This oil by itself is amazing, but when used with other oils it has a more powerful effect
  • Ginger Oil – Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Sage essential oil – Deeply nourishes your hair
  • Castor Oil – By itself, it’s quite thick and difficult to work with (believe me I’ve tried!) but used as a carrier oil, this is wonderful for promoting hair growth alongside the other ingredients.

Be warned! If you introduce them to your partner/sister/mum/kids you may run out sooner than you think!

Peptide Pro


The Millionaire Peptide Pro range consists of the Millionaire Peptide Pro Exfoliating Liquid Gel Hydrating Skin Serum which is a natural exfoliating liquid which is gentle enough to be used on a daily basis.

It renews and rejuvenates the skin and over a period of months.
Daily it can even out your skin tone and rebalance your skin.

I have oily/combination skin which was incredibly textured, bumpy skin.

I started using it in September 2017 just after Eid, and I can honestly say that within a month it got rid of this horrendous spot that had decided to make my face it’s home.

The product does cause a breakout when you initially use it, but that is because your skin is rebalancing your hormones, but this subsides with continual usage.

The texture of my skin has changed. I still get hormonal breakouts because of poor diet, lack of exercise and because of PCOS but Alhamdulillah it is the smoothest it’s been for a long time.

It does take time though, so don’t expect instant results!

The Millionaire Peptide Pro Collagen Boosting Moisturiser and Eye Cream is a lightweight cream moisturiser.

It’s perfect to not only use as a moisturiser but as a primer before makeup (I’ve not used a primer for months since using this product).

Lightweight and easily absorbed, it is the perfect accompaniment to the Exfoliating Gel as you want to use the purest ingredients once your skin is primed and ready for hydration.

You don’t want to be putting synthetic ingredients when your skin is finally open and rejuvenated, do you?

This is why the accompanying moisturiser is a must because it hydrates, plumps and penetrates 3 layers of skin!

With ingredients such as these in both the moisturiser and the exfoliating gel:

  • Aloe Vera for healing (check out the DIY face mask which uses Aloe Vera)
  • Collagen to plump the skin and Vitamin A for healthy skin cell production
  • Hyaluronic acid which holds 1,000 times its weight in moisture
  • Vitamin E which is great for reducing wrinkles and free radicals!

You know you’re paying for something that provides amazing results!


The Millionaire Hair Mist is £29.00 and the Peptide Pro products are £30.00 each, but if bought together they are only £55. This does not include the price of shipping, which is separate.

Yes, the products are pricey, but they all use organic high-end ingredients which cost money to source.

I’ve used a lot of expensive products that claim to have high-end ingredients from well-known brands and they never really work as they use watered down ingredients.

With Millionaire Hair Mist and Peptide Pro, the ingredients are as pure as they can be because Jas only makes them in small batches to make sure the efficacy remains intact (I learned a big word here!)


I’ve been using these products for 4 months now and my skin texture has improved, my hair is growing alhamdulillah and this is honestly the best my skin and hair have looked since my late 20s.

These products use high-quality ingredients and they work over time.

If you’re unsure at any point about any of the ingredients or how they would work on your skin type or skin condition, Jas’s Instagram highlights section has a wealth of knowledge for every skin type.

I totally recommend buying these products!


Business in the Spotlight - Millionaire Hair Mist Interview & Review - A review of the Millionaire Hair Mist and Peptide Pro range

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  • nadia 5 months ago Reply

    Well-written review! Love your ‘Business in the Spotlight’ series. I’m totally convinced to give this product a try after reading your thorough review (I’m looking forward to purchasing these when I visit UK inshaa’Allah).

    Well worth it in my opinion! I’m sure Jas has someone who sells it in Dubai maybe as a stockist or at least India, so do message her and find out!

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