Cruelty Free Makeup at Superdrug with BONUS Checklist

Cruelty Free Makeup at Superdrug with BONUS Checklist - A list of all the cruelty free brands available at Superdrug and you can download a checklist to help you when you shop!

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Cruelty Free Makeup at Superdrug with BONUS Checklist

After my last post on why cruelty free makeup saves you money, I realised that when we actually go shopping in a specific store, it can be hard to know which brands are cruelty free and which are not.

After all, you don’t want to be checking brands every few minutes if the mobile reception is a bit dodgy!

To help both you AND me out, I thought I would create a list of the cruelty free makeup at Superdrug here in the UK so that you can shop with ease.

I’ll also make a list of the brands that are NOT cruelty free so you can be wary next time you shop.

I’m only focusing on cruelty free makeup at Superdrug at this point, I’ll be doing separate posts on Makeup Brushes, False Eyelashes and Nail Products later, and I hope to branch out to skincare at some point.

Let’s begin!

Cruelty Free Makeup at Superdrug including GOSH Cosmetics, Makeup Revolution and Nip + Fab products



Who’s old enough to remember the glittery eyeshadow pots of Barry M and the colourful nail varnishes?

Well good news guys, Barry M is cruelty free!

STAR PRODUCTS: How could I not recommend the eyeshadow glitters? I’ve heard good things about the lip kits as well and the nail varnishes.


B. Superdrug is it’s own brand and is cruelty free.

I’ve never tried anything from them, so I can’t comment on what the products are like.


Made for women of colour, I’ve never seen this in the shops so far, but the products look really good.

CAKE Cosmetics is cruelty free.


Years ago, when Collection was named Collection 2000, this the brand all my pocket money went on! It was affordable and had a heap of colours.

Some of the products in Collection are vegetarian and some are vegan-friendly. They have a whole list on their website.

STAR PRODUCTS: I was a huge fan of the concealers and powders from them!


I loved ELF Cosmetics and was so sad when they stopped selling in the UK, but now they’re back and being sold in Superdrug!

PLUS they’re cruelty free

STAR PRODUCTS: The ELF Makeup brushes are affordable and so long lasting! I had some for a good few years before they gave up the ghost.


Freedom Makeup is owned by TAM Beauty which I already shared is Cruelty Free.


GOSH is not only cruelty free but a lot of their products are even Vegan!

I haven’t personally tried anything from the brand, but with limited options, I may now do so!

STAR PRODUCTS: I’ve heard a lot about their foundations, eyeliners and lipsticks so that would be the products I’d try.


Another of Tam Beauty’s brands,  I Heart Revolution is cruelty free.

STAR PRODUCTS: I’ve heard good things about the Blushing Hearts highlighters.


Lottie London is a cruelty free brand with affordable brush sets, body art and makeup.


Makeup Revolution has certainly changed the affordable makeup landscape with a bang!

Unlike the MUA brand, they actually have a tab on their own website which highlights their Vegan products!

STAR PRODUCTS: Where do I start? The eyeshadow palettes are so affordable and pigmented. I love the baked bronzers and eyebrow pomade. And should we even talk about the sold-out concealers?!


Currently, Models Own product is not being shown on the website, but they do have a stand at Superdrug stores.

Models Own is cruelty free according to their own website.

MUA – Makeup Academy

Owned by Tam Beauty, the makers of Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup, MUA is cruelty free but is NOT a Vegan brand as explained by The Ethical Elephant.

STAR PRODUCTS: When I first trained as a makeup artist, I did my training from Harrow College on a short course, and I remember the girls on the course recommending the MUA Highlighters as they were so affordable.

The cheapest products start from £1 so these are perfect for those on a budget.


Yes, Nip + Fab is cruelty free and is mostly vegan with a few exceptions which are on their website.

STAR PRODUCTS: Their colour correctors, blush palettes and concealers seem to gain the most attention from Beauty Bloggers.


Sleek is a tricky one, because although they themselves say they do not test on animals their parent company does, so I would still include them in the list as they do not sell their products in China.

The Ethical Elephant has a great post in more detail should you wish to look into it.

Sadly, Sleek is now being discontinued in Superdrug, as they will be exclusive to Boots, but because of this, they’re selling all their products at a discounted price so you may pick up a bargain!


I’ve never tried anything from Tanya Burr’s makeup line but I’ve heard good things about it.

STAR PRODUCTS: I quite like the lip glosses and I’ve heard good things about the eyeshadow palettes.

TheBalm Cosmetics

I LOVED TheBalm’s Mary Lou-manizer! One of the best highlighters I owned, I was sad to let it go but I had to at one point to make some extra cash.

STAR PRODUCTS: Everything is amazing!


  • Bourjois
  • L’Oreal Paris
  • Max Factor
  • Maybelline
  • Miss Sporty
  • Revlon
  • Rimmell

I hope this helps next time you go shopping!


I have a special bonus for you because let’s be honest, you’re not going to remember, so I’ve created a special checklist for you to print out and take with you when you go shopping for cruelty free makeup at Superdrug, or you know to save it on your phone.


Sign up to my mailing list to get access to the resource library where I’ll be sharing this and the forthcoming guides for cruelty free brands at all your favourite stores.




Cruelty Free Makeup at Superdrug with BONUS Checklist - A list of all the cruelty free brands available at Superdrug and you can download a checklist to help you when you shop!

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  • Madiha 2 months ago Reply

    This is great! Thanks humaira! I personally shop at Superdrug more than boots because I find their products more affordable, this’ll be a great reference point when I’m shopping! Superdrug’s own range (not B by Superdrug, the other one) is cruelty free too!!

    Ooh very nice! I’ll have to figure out what this other range is now!

  • nadia 2 months ago Reply

    Bookmarked this page for when I travel to London and go on a makeup shopping spree! Thank you so much for this list; you saved me a lot of time that I would’ve otherwise spent researching brands. Oh, the LOVE the flatlay!

    I have a feeling you’re going to go a little crazy on this shopping spree, but I’m happy to be an enabler haha!

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