Why Every Beauty Junkie Needs The Sortly App

Why Every Beauty Junkie Needs The Sortly App

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Why Every Beauty Junkie Needs The Sortly App

I didn’t realise I had a Beauty buying problem till I started using the Sortly App.

The Sortly App is one I stumbled on when trying to find a solution to my beauty storage problems.

I would store products and then completely forget they exist, or go shopping and realise I already had 2 of the same products or something similar in my collection.

Sortly App


Whilst there are apps that are strictly for organising your skincare and makeup, they have either been discontinued or didn’t have that many reviews.

Enter Sortly

I stumbled upon THIS video by a makeup artist showing how she organises and sorts her collection using the app, and I was hooked.

One of the main things that attracted me was the fact that it had a QR scanner which means you can scan the barcode and in theory, it will pull up a picture and all the information about the product.

HOWEVER, this is a little hit and miss and only a feature in the paid app.

The other thing that really attracted me was the fact that it had a web version so I could just take a picture and then type in the relevant information later on the web link including price and download and add more professional pictures as Pompberry shows in the video.


Sortly App

When you first open the app, as demonstrated in the video, the categories are bland, but you can search the web and add your own images to make them more useful to you which I did for each category.


Sortly App Categories

You can also create folders for different categories and subfolders for different products such Foundations, Lipsticks, Colour Correctors etc.

Sortly App Foundations

And within those categories you can create subfolders so for Eyeshadows you can create a category for Palettes, Singles or by brand like I’ve done for mine.

Sortly App Categories

The thing that makes this app unique is that you can enter how much each product costs, how much of the product you have an add tags such as broken, finishing soon etc. so the possibilities are endless!

I keep it simple with Broken and Finishing Soon so I can keep an eye on what I need to repurchase and what I don’t want to repurchase ever again.

Sortly App Categories

The thing that makes this app unique for me is that you can specify when you bought the product, a warranty date (I use this to keep track of when I need to toss it), and also the price so you know how much you have spent not only on the product but in each category.



One of the problems of a big collection is you’ll forget what you have and only find it when you do a clear out, by which time the product has expired or gone off (Yes, makeup and beauty products do have a shelf life!)

Secondly, if you’re a working makeup artist or even just an organising junkie you can use this app to have real-time information on how much is in your collection for insurance purposes.

This app is actually for home organising and has a category for lending to friends as well so you can keep track of that book that your friend nicked that never came back to you!

This will work if you have a big makeup collection, are a book lover and want to keep track of your current collection and also if you need to keep track of home purchases for insurance companies.

I have really found this so useful for me to keep track of my purchases and to really see how often I use them especially new products to figure out if I would repurchase them based on the first usage.

Yes, it is a pain to find all the prices and to download professional product photos but it also helps me to use up all my products and figure out what is being used on a regular basis and what isn’t.

Sortly is only available in the App Store so no app exists for Androids as yet.

It’s also free for 100 items but is a paid app of $4.50 per month for more advanced features such as the QR code.

For the price of a lunch, this is a worthy investment for me every month.

It’s a great way to save money!



Why Every Beauty Junkie Needs the Sortly App - Includes a QR Code Reader and a system to track when you bought a product, when it expires and more!
Why Every Beauty Junkie Needs the Sortly App - Includes a QR Code Reader and a system to track when you bought a product, when it expires and more!













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  • nadia 7 months ago Reply

    I’m not obsessed with makeup and hair products, and I don’t have that many of them, but I must confess that this app is genius!

    Oh yes! I’m planning to write another post on how to use it to keep stock of anything you need to keep a check on e.g. stationary levels, groceries etc.

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