Everything5Pounds – Too good to be true?

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Everything5Pounds – Too good to be true?

When you hear a name like Everything5Pounds, your mind does a double take, but is too good to be true?

Saving money is my favourite thing to do, so I knew I had to check it out!

I’d heard about this company a few times from various people.

So, I finally decided to order a couple of things before I started my new job.

It’s like the first day of school, I always like to have new clothes for work!


The reason that everything is £5 is that it’s all ex-Highstreet stock with the labels taken off.

So you don’t know which brand it is from.

This makes it enticing to bargain hunters and people on a budget as you get pocket-friendly clothes at a good price

Plus, they seem to have a sale on every now and then so items go down to £2.50 each as well.


I placed my order for Everything5Pounds on Saturday and received my items on Thursday.

I bought 4 items in total, a white cream top, white printed crepe dress and 2 wrap dresses in blue and purple in a Size 18.

The more items you add, the more shipping increases as it’s sent via Royal Mail First Class. In total, I spent £25.85 with my total items being £20 and the extra £5.85 was for shipping.

The items I ordered were:

Mono Swing Belted DressWrap Belted Swing Dress in TealWrap Belted Swing Dress in Purple and Off White Metallic Contrast Lace Overlay Top.


The fit of the clothes was a bit hit and miss. I tried everything on and ended up returning the two wrap dresses in teal and purple as they made me look huge.

I kept the Mono Swing Belt Dress and the white lace top.

Image from Pexels

Image from Pexels


To return items, you package the items back up, and if you can, return them back in the original packaging.

As it was quite a bulky item, I used Hermes to return.

Everything5Pounds said I would not get my shipping costs back.

I still went ahead and sent them back.

I was very surprised when they returned to me the cost of shipping.


Unsure. Whilst I understand the concept of the brand is for budget buys, the fact of the matter is, the quality of the clothes is a bit hit and miss as is the sizing especially if you’re over a Size 16.

Secondly, the shipping going up every time you add an item and the fact that you may not be reimbursed if you send items back has put me off.

I’ll keep an eye on it, but I can’t see myself actively buying from this brand again, although if you do buy, make sure to sign up to Quidco before you do to get cashback on your order.


Everything5Pounds - Too good to be true? - Review of Everything5Pounds including my experiences of shipping and returns with this retailer. And whether I would buy again.

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Comments (3)

  • nadia 8 months ago Reply

    Great post, Humaira! I ended up spending 20 minutes on their website, just randomly browsing clothes and homeware 🙂

    Buying clothing online is indeed a hit-or-miss thing, with regard to both quality and size. Good thing there’s a good return and refund policy.

    Thanks for the comment Nadia. Yes! It is quite addictive, I’ve spent many hours going down that rabbit hole.

    I think you’re right buying clothes online is like playing a game of chance but to be honest, the clothes on the high street are not always very inclusive of someone outside the 8 – 16 sizing norm, and not even to get started with clothes that need to cover us!

    nadia 8 months ago

    That’s quite true even for Muslim countries, such as the UAE. It’s so difficult to find anything outside the 8-16 sizing norm that is hijab-friendly. Shopping for clothes is stressful.

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