How to look Modest and Exercise

How to look Modest and Exercise Pinterest

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How to look Modest and Exercise.

If you read my last post on this topic, How to Get Fit in Five Minutes, that means you’re at least thinking about taking the plunge!

Finding well-fitting clothes that didn’t invite more stares than usual when in Hijab is hard enough, but trying to do it whilst exercising can be a challenge.

Image from Stocksnap.io

Image from Stocksnap.io

I have exercised in classes, in gyms and even walking has made me slightly uncomfortable as people don’t seem to understand why a Hijabi would want to exercise.

Even if you don’t wear Hijab, trying to find well-fitting clothes that are loose enough to conceal your modesty but don’t make you hot just walking out of the door are hard to find!

Here are my tricks to find modest clothing and still be able to exercise:


Dressing as a hijabi in gym clothes can be so hard.

For me, a breathable Hijab is a must-have and all these fancy sports Hijab just manage to make me feel like I’m being choked.

My solution has been to find small Al-Amira Hijabs

and they’ve been the most breathable, friendly option in a variety of colours (a woman has to match!).

By buying the smaller children’s version, you not only save money, they’re not so long as to restrict movement.

You could also go for a turban style to have air circulating to your neck as your head is covered.


Breathable fabrics in tops are a must, but finding long sleeved ones are a nightmare!

Muslimah exercise wear can be expensive to find which is why I like the long sleeved tops from Sports Direct for these kinds of things.

The running tops in long sleeves, the only thing is they only go up to a size 18 UK size, so if bigger than this, you may need to look at the men’s section or another shop.

I like these tops as they often have a deal for Buy 2 and get them for a cheaper price, so you can stock up.


Hijabi gym outfits are complemented by the perfect pair of trousers.

You can either go for the classic track pant, leggings (if you top is long enough) or running trousers.

For this, you may actually have to look in the men’s section, as for women they just seem to have leggings!

Again, you want breathable material that fits comfortably but doesn’t restrict movement or makes you trip when running or walking.


I’m not an expert on shoes, but I would imagine we all know the big brands’ thanks to their marketing campaigns!

Whatever shoes you go for, make sure it’s something you will get a lot of use out of and not always go for the cheapest on the market.


Looking modest whilst exercising can be a challenge, but you can find ways to make it easy for yourself and once you have the basic clothes, it’ll motivate you to use them!

How do you stay modest when exercising?


How to look Modest and Exercise - Looking the part is often the first hurdle. In this article, we'll talk about how to look modest and exercise.

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