Beginners guide to selling on eBay

Making Money / Saturday, September 23rd, 2017
Beginners guide to selling on eBay
When we were jobless in 2015 and had to sell off a load of stuff, my husband became obsessed with eBay.
Having been clueless about selling before about the power of eBay, he became hooked.
I’d created a monster!
I‘ve been selling things on and off for years on both Amazon and eBay.
A lot of people are afraid of selling on eBay or unsure of how to do it.

Did you know it’s estimated we have £4,000 worth of clutter in our homes and garages?!

Think of what you could do with that money! A holiday, a new car, the possibilities are endless!

So here’s a step by step guide on how to sell on eBay with some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your listings:

Use the Advanced Search tool to see how much similar items have sold for

I had no idea about this tool until I started reading Emma’s tips on selling on eBay.

To find it go to the Advanced search page on the eBay homepage:

Selling on eBay with the Ebay Advance tool homescreen | Money Savvy Muslim

Type in the item you want to search for:

Selling on eBay with the Sold listings on eBay search

And the results will show you how much similar items have sold for. You can go into more detail on price, type of item etc to get full results.

selling on eBay Search results for sold items on eBay

When You’re Ready To Sell Click on The Sell Link from the Dropdown Menu on Your Profile

selling on Ebay Selling Link

List the item with as much description as possible in the selling bar when selling on eBay

Selling on eBay Listing page

When you type in the item you want to sell, it gives you a list of categories to choose from, in this case, it’s a men’s T-shirt.
If you look at the bottom, it has an option to create a template to sell items faster if you create a template.
And as I’m sitting here listing 5 of his T-shirts, this would come in super handy as they’re all from the same brand!

When selling on eBay write in as much detail as possible on the listing

selling on eBay Listing page

When you’re selling on eBay Make Sure You Have LOTS of Photos

selling on eBay Photo listing page

You’re allowed to put up 12 free photos, so utilise this and take as many photos of the item including:
– size
– labels
– pockets
– details etc. as possible.
Think of what you would want to see pictures of including any faults in the item.

Trust me faulty stuff still sells as long as you’re open and honest about it.

selling on eBay T-shirt listing photos

In this particular listing, the photos have come in a little wonky.
I will use the rotate tool to straighten them and the crop tool to get rid of the rest of the background.
There is also a brightening and contrast tool as well as a sharpen and auto-adjust tool.

Selling on eBay Crop tool eBay Listing

And I’ll do this for all the pictures in the listing.

selling on ebay listing pictures final

I’ve then scrolled down the page to add more details about the item.
These specific details will show up on the search page.
Giving your buyer all the information they need before making a purchasing decision.

selling on ebay Product listing

I’m not the most au-fait with men’s sizes.
Based on the pictures, I’ve input as much information as I can, and my husband will then go in and adjust as necessary.

Give as much detail in the item description as possible

selling on Ebay listing description page

You can go into much description as possible including:
– how used it is
– size
– colour
– any faults

Choose between Auction Style and Buy It Now

selling on Ebay price

The difference between an auction is that you start with a small amount e.g. 99p in the hopes of it going up as people try to outbid each other.
A Buy It Now price is where the buyer can buy the item immediately but it does incur a higher charge based on the price it is sold for.
All eBay items when sold have a 10% selling fee based on the price. This is taken each month and is based on how many items you have sold.
Listing an item is free for up to 20 listings per month, after which it incurs a charge.
In this case, I will be listing it in auction style at 99p in the hope of driving the price.

When Listing at Auction, Start at 99p on a Thursday Evening for 10 Daysselling on ebay auction listing

I first learned this tip from Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich many years ago and have pretty much stuck with it. The optimal time for listings is around 7.30 pm on a Thursday evening.
As such, I’ve scheduled this particular listing to start now for 10 days.
This means you get 2 weekends worth of eyeballs on it.
People will try to outbid each other on Sunday when the listing ends and drive up the price.
Pricing it this way is only a good strategy if you know it will go for that a high amount.
If at any point it’s not selling for the price you want, then take the listing down and try selling it as a Buy It Now instead.

Work out your delivery costs before you list

delivery details ebay

Delivery is a tricky one to work out. I recommend using some household kitchen scales and putting the item in the packaging to work out exact weight before you list it.

This has two benefits:

  1. The item is already packaged and ready to go once your listing ends.
  2. It will give you exact delivery charges so you’re not left out of pocket.

For smaller items, I prefer Royal Mail, and for larger ones over 1 kg, I prefer Hermes which has very competitive rates.

You can list both delivery methods as I’ve done here, allowing the buyer to choose their delivery method.

For the packaging itself, I tend to buy plastic mailing bags and mailing envelopes from eBay itself in a variety of sizes as well as bubble wrap, sellotape, parcel tape, scissors and a tape measure to make sure the sizes are correct for packages when sending out via Royal Mail.

eBay itself has a postage calculator, so you can use the kitchen scales and a tape measure to work out postage costs before you list your item.

Offer Local Collection

If your item is heavy or can’t be shipped, you can offer local collection.

This means the successful buyer will come to your house or another place of your choosing to collect the item.

I’ve had people come over to collect an Elliptical trainer, my old MacBook, broken makeup trolley and all sorts of other heavy things you can’t easily post.

If you’re concerned about safety, meet at a public place such as a coffee shop, petrol station, outside a tube station etc. to hand over the goods, and take someone with you.

List the item

You can now finally list the item!

In this example, I chose to save and continue later as I’m doing these for my husband and he will review everything before he makes the listings live.

And that’s it! How to sell on eBay.

It really is that easy and slightly addictive!

Have you ever sold on eBay?

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