A New Direction for Money Savvy Muslim

A new direction for Money Savvy Muslim

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A New Direction for Money Savvy Muslim

This is a post in my series called, Real Talk.

Since I started this blog in September 2017, I’ve been grateful for all the love and appreciation I’ve gotten from everyone.

Best 9

I wanted to send a big heartfelt Thank You to you all for being there for me from the very beginning of my journey with Humairak and my various other online personas over the years!

The main aim I envisioned for Money Savvy Muslim was to be a hub for people to save money, make money and learn to be better at their finances.

I started this blog because even at 33, I’m not the best with money and unfortunately, this has led to some costly mistakes some of which I’m still paying for.

Money Savvy Muslim was meant to help me give back to you as a community, and whilst the money saving articles have been well received, it’s not what you ALL want and it’s kind of a turn off for the 3 of you that read regularly!

I’m aware that switching from a Beauty & Lifestyle blog to talk about money all of a sudden was a shift in gears and not something my audience was prepared for, I should have eased you into it.

That was my mistake.

However, I continued to share some beauty and fashion content, and I noticed that was better received which gives me an indication of where I want to take this.

I’m not just going to the same as what you’ve seen before, this will continue to be a community venture with the emphasis on giving back and creating a tribe for all of us women to empower each other.

The new direction for Money Savvy Muslim will be more theme based.

I want this to be a platform to help women in their late 20’s and early 30’s to level up their life this year, to stop being scared and find their voice in a respectful way.

Women, in general, have a huge problem with tearing ourselves down before others do so, and thus the vicious cycle continues and we never get ahead.

Each month, we’ll work on a theme to laser focus on one area of your life and really dig deep to make that a source of excellence, so by the time 2018 is over, In Shaa Allah you will have exceeded your own expectations and become the best version of you!

I have 4 themes planned out for the first 4 months, but I need your help to figure out the themes for each quarter.

The themes will be:

  • January – Fitness

  • February – Mental Well Being & Mindfulness

  • March – Food & Nutrition

  • April – Spring Cleaning & Decluttering

I need some help to figure out what you want me to talk about for the rest of the year, so do leave a comment, e-mail me or DM me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter on what YOU want out of your life.

Oh and I’ve also started a Pinterest account and you can sign up for e-mail updates HERE to get new posts straight to your inbox!

Have a blessed 2018 and I pray you succeed in all the challenges this year throws at you In Shaa Allah (God Willing)!


A New Direction for Money Savvy Muslim

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Comments (4)

  • Pervisha 6 months ago Reply

    As salamo Alaikum, Humaira! I am thoroughly pleased with this post and more importantly your website layout. It is super pleasing to the eyes, and your content change seems good 🙂 in fact, meaningful. I wish you all the best, my dear. You are free to rediscover yourself and fine tune your own life. May you find success in every direction your heart chooses. Ameen. 🙂

    Walaikum Salaam Pervisha, thank you so much for the well wishes and Ameen!

  • nadia 6 months ago Reply

    Happy New Year! The new direction this blog is going toward sounds so exciting! Let me suggest a few topics:

    – Halal/Cruelty-Free Products/Reviews/Tutorials
    – Productivity Tips
    – Social Media Strategy (tips, tricks, how to grow organically, photography, video-editing, apps)
    – Interior Designing
    – Blogging/Bloggers
    – Halal Travel (tips, destinations, apps)

    Good luck! I look forward to reading your blog posts!

    I love all these and will definitely hit you up for some Halal Travel tips because you are way more well travelled than me! The only one I would be hopeless on is Productivity and Interior Design, so will see if any other bloggers want to take the lead on those, but thank you so much for the suggestions!

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