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Soulful PR Media Diary – How I will be using it in 2018

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Soulful PR Media Diary – How I will be using it in 2018

2017 is nearly at its end and if like me you look back and think, what the heck did I do this year, you’re not too far wrong.


I felt like it has just started and now it’s ending.

I’ve been a huge fan of Janet Murray’s Soulful PR Podcast ever since I discovered it on Me and Orla’s top podcasts to listen to.

I missed out on her media diary last year mainly because I didn’t think it was relevant to me, to be honest, the bit about PR put me off, but when I heard about it this year I put my name down on the waiting list.

This is not an ordinary diary guys, it is like a magic book full of awareness days you need to know if you run a business or blog.

Sure, you could go to the Pound Shop buy a 2018 diary and fill in the awareness days yourself.

Why pay for a specially designed diary?

I’ll tell you why.

1. It’s Beautifully Designed

I was one of the early adopters so was able to choose my cover, but now you can only get the pink polka dot or green leaves.


Sorry about the lighting in the pictures but despite a ring light, it was a truly horrendous day!

2. It Shows You How To Use It Effectively

Media Diary Inside

Media Diary

3) It has a Yearly & Quarterly View

Media Diary Yearly View

This is where you can write down important awareness days you need to keep an eye on as the year progresses from general to ones for your business or blog e.g. if you’re a makeup artist you know the Oscars are in January so you keep that date in your diary and can recreate red carpet looks or know that for your business Prom will be in May so you’ll be ready with campaigns targeting school leavers beforehand.

We all get busy with our own lives so to have a bird’s eye view of key dates if you’re visual like me is so handy, not all of us have space for a wall calendar.

4. A Bird’s Eye View of All the Awareness Days Each Month

Media Diary 5

Who can forget New Years Day or Valentine’s Day? The problem is when you get so busy with life and day to day, you do forget key awareness days that might be advantageous to your blog or business.

Think about it this way, most magazines work 3 – 6 months ahead and if you want to get media coverage, you need to work ahead too!

5. You Can Plan Out Posts for Social Media for Each Month

With the content planner, you can plan posts for each social media channel well in advance so that they compliment each other.

Say your campaign is to target for Prom, so you’d target mothers and their daughters via a Facebook and Instagram campaign starting in April to make sure you get booked in as the Makeup Artist of choice by having simple, elegant looks that are ready for them to choose from on your social media pages.

6. Plenty of Space to Write down Post Ideas

Media Diary Inside 2

The wider ruled spaces for each day give you plenty of space to elaborate on your ideas and drill down to the brass tacks or jot down notes.

I’m sure this will help me plan blog posts and I’ve already jotted down what’s coming up and ideas I can do to help capitalise on awareness days, plus each month Janet will e-mail with new Awareness Days or news that is relevant.


I’ll be using it to plan blog posts for Money Savvy Muslim and any other blog-related ideas. I have a very scatterbrain and to have everything nicely planned like this with plenty of space to drill down the specific social media posts will hopefully increase my engagement and lead to more success in my blog and business In Shaa Allah (God Willing).

As a business, this kind of diary is invaluable to know key awareness days before they happen and plan ahead every month to get ahead of the competition.


This A4 Desk Diary is £36 (not including postage) and if you wish to get more support, you can also join the Media Diary Owner’s Club for more support and awareness days which is in total £99 and includes the diary and a private facebook group, group coaching calls and more.

I didn’t opt for the club as I wanted to see if I actually use the diary first.


I think if you need a place to organise your thoughts and get ahead of awareness days this is a great option but you could just download awareness days and fill them into a desk diary but not be able to plan social media and make sure you include your own launches.

I’ll check back in 2018 In Shaa Allah (God Willing) and let you know how it goes!


Soulful PR Media Diary - How I will be using it in 2018 - A look at Janet Murray's 2018 Soulful PR Diary and how I will be using it for my blog and business

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  • nadia 6 months ago Reply

    That diary is well designed! The layout, headings, colours … all pretty and useful.

    Very much so, excited to put it to use In Shaa Allah 🙂

  • Madiha 5 months ago Reply

    That’s such a cute diary! Unfortunately it’s a little too much out of my price range but if the blog takes off I’m deffo investing next year!

    I love it as there’s so much space to practically write a mini-post! But you could easily buy a cheap diary and get some awareness days filled in from t’internet!

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