How To Stop Yourself From Buying Things You Don’t Need

How To Stop Yourself From Buying Things You Don’t Need Pinterest

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How To Stop Yourself From Buying Things You Don’t Need

This is a reminder to myself first and foremost.

Do we NEED everything we buy? Probably not.

I mean you NEED food and water to keep yourself alive but do I NEED that new Anastasia Beverly Hills palette?

Do I NEED the Body Shop Bouncy Sleeping Mask when I have the Nip & Fab one which I really need to use up?

Sorry for the rant, but this lady (I’m really trying not to demean myself by using the world Girl, I stopped being a Girl at 28 when I got married and started thinking about mortgages and bills haha!) is on the edge of a meltdown and writing is my therapy!

I’ve really had to fight with myself this month and despite many best efforts, I have been overspending a lot.

We could go into the psychology of it all do with emotional spending but I won’t bore you.

It’s because I think I deserve it and I can afford it now without thinking about the consequences of my actions and what I already have in store and what expenditure is coming up.

Do I regret it?


The emotional high wears off as soon as I get it and then I’m subscribing to company e-mails promising a discount for my next fix.


I have a limited salary from my part-time job and with my Birthday in October I was very generously gifted some money from my family, so the more extravagant purchases were from that.

This month I have spent money on beauty products and clothes, which in all honesty I did need because I threw out all my Winter Clothes in the great KonMari urge last year.

I was so tempted to purchase the Bouncy Sleeping Mask from The Body Shop and a scrub, and a mascara but it was coming up to £30 even with the discount.

So why not just buy the Mask by itself on offer?!

I’m really trying to use up what I have and make things work before I invest more or just replace what I know I don’t have a dupe for like the Millionaire Hair Mist which I loved and knew I needed alongside the SNI Hair oil I’m currently using.

I typically buy on offer but I know I have a ton of samples and actual full sized products I need to use up before I purchase again.

I’ve really had to fight with myself not to get the new Huda Beauty products because I have 3 foundations on the go and like 3 eyeshadow palettes which I barely use!

And to be honest come Christmas and Boxing Day there will be more sales which will continue into Mid-January so why make myself poor when I can wait a few weeks and get an even deeper discount.

My new method is to write down every purchase in a notebook.

It’s painful and annoying but I am honestly sickened by how much I have spent this month and that has been the biggest restraint on me trying to turn around my old behaviours of spending too much.

Saying that I will only spend on Black Friday if it’s on offer for something I was going to buy anyway and it is a significant discount.

There are a couple of items on my wishlist that I am hoping will go on sale and if they don’t I’ll wait until they are!

What do you think about this topic?


How To Stop Yourself From Buying Things You Don't Need - We all over consume, but does it really make us happy? In this article, we delve a little deeper.

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Comments (4)

  • nadia 7 months ago Reply

    While I’m the complete opposite of “emotional spender”, I know a few people who feel like you do. They’d spend and then feel bad about it afterward. I spoke to one of them and asked how she was dealing with it (because she confessed it was getting out of hand). She said, “I’ve unsubscribed from both print and digital mailing lists.” She also began this habit of leaving her credit cards at home when she goes to buy something at the mall. I suppose that makes sense because it’s easier to control when you pay cash because you can physically see the money go away, haha.

    Those are some great tips! I’ve unsubscribed from my triggers e.g. Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty because I was getting constant e-mails from them every day. And yes I agree, when you have to pay cold hard cash, it hurts so much!

  • Nital Shah 5 months ago Reply

    Great post and I am much better than I used to be but still not good enough. I only get a few emails now but I wanted them as I had specify things to get in the post Christmas sales but have now unsubscribed to them too. I also want to use all my skincare and make-up before I buy anything else however have just got an email from Loccitane (one brand I always keep as they always send freebies too) for Rifle and Co skincare with another free gift with it! Will I use the products? yes, will I do a blog post? yes but do I need them, no. I am still considering it as These are two of my favourite brands and I would love to do a blog post on them! I didn’t really get anything in the sales apart from the specific things that I needed. am determined to be much more mindful this year.

    Me too! It’s so hard as the FOMO (Fear of missing out) is so great. When I calculated how much I have spent on makeup and beauty in my current collection, it makes me sick and it’s so easily done. To be honest, I could fund a few holidays from the amount I’ve spent!

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