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The Artist’s Way – Unblocking Your Inner Creative

Recently on my Instagram stories, I shared that I had hit a creative wall and was in a funk.

After a conversation with my friend Nisha Davdra who encouraged me to do something creative every day, I decided to re-do The Artist’s Way.


The Artist’s Way is a book by Julia Cameron.

Originally published in 1992, it’s still going strong and now includes a video course for those wanting to hear Ms. Cameron’s advice themselves.

For most of us, the book will suffice as the more affordable option.


The course is broken down into weekly modules and tasks designed to unblock creative minds and heal your inner creative child.

Sounds a bit woo-woo right?

But when you’ve spent your whole life feeling unfulfilled creatively, this course is a great way to unblock and inspire real change in you.

The concept focuses on morning pages and weekly artist dates as well as various tasks to unblock your inner creative.


Morning pages are basically a journal entry of 3 pages every morning before you do anything to get the stuff from your head out onto the page.

It may be nonsense or it may inspire you to start a creative project.

The main point is to get your inner critic and all your worries and fears out onto the page so that you can start your day creatively.

This strategy is incredibly powerful and I’ve seen a major change in my life when I’ve done the Artist’s Way properly.


Artist dates are where you take yourself on a date with your inner child to help feed your imagination and creativity.

This doesn’t have to cost anything, your artist’s date could be a walk in the local park, or photographing something in your garden or even taking yourself to a museum or a play.

The whole point is to spend a couple of hours doing something for you without distraction.


The whole programme is for people who don’t think they’re artists, painters, writers, photographers, bloggers and yes, even Instagrammers!

Anyone can do it, even if you work in Corporate Law or have a busy job, this is a great way to unblock anything standing in your way and really inspiring change in your life.


The main tools are The Artist’s Way book which can be bought in paperback or Kindle, a notebook or paper and a willingness to be open and inspire true change in your life.


The Artist's Way - Julia Cameron | Review - This article is all about The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and how to unblock your creativity for those who don't think they are very creative

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Comments (3)

  • Pervisha 8 months ago Reply

    Ever since I have taken up painting and started spending time making more and more art, I felt a significant change in my lifestyle, Humaira. I didn’t know about this book, thank you for wiriting this post and sharing with us how it has changed your life. I just realised that I have gone through all those changes one by one mentioned by you in the post, without knowing what was happening: art was healing me.
    Sometimes, I believe, it is not healing that is required because we are not really broken. It’s just a little reflection is missing and lightness. Art provides exactly that.

    So glad to read more about this thing.

    You know what, now I think about it, your recent posts have mirrored The Artists Way! Your journey has been about self love and healing and Mashallah, I can see you are a better person for it.

    Pervisha 8 months ago

    🙂 Thank you.

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