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Try this DIY Fuller’s Earth and Aloe Vera mask for clearer skin!

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Try this DIY Fuller’s Earth and Aloe Vera mask for clearer skin!

Today’s post comes from a dear reader who wishes to remain anonymous but wanted to share this amazing DIY that has made a huge difference to her skin in the last few weeks!

Of course, I asked her to share her secrets and in her own words, this is what she said:

I have always been fascinated with using makeup and achieving that flawless look without overdoing it.

I prefer the more natural look which leaves people wondering if it’s foundation or your natural skin!

Unfortunately, I have never been able to apply makeup that well and so haven’t really managed to achieve this.

Whilst investigating further, I constantly questioned anybody who seemed to know anything about makeup and the general consensus was that to achieve a good finish you needed a good foundation i.e your skin had to be in good condition.

After some deliberation, I decided to try and achieve this so watched endless youtube videos about skin care routines and read a lot of interesting articles.

I devised a regime that has actually worked for me.

To begin with, an ingredient that skin care gurus cannot seem to get enough of was Aloe Vera.

The benefits of this miracle plant are endless and I decided to put this to test on my skin to see if all the raving was actually true.

It was!

I purchased an aloe plant and the rest, as they say, is history!

My skincare routine is as follows:

1) I have made up a mask with fullers earth (aka Multani Mithi) and aloe vera gel(derived by cutting a leaf from the plant, slicing it open and scraping the gel-like substance out).

Editor’s Note: If you can’t find a plant then Aloe Vera gel is sold in most health food stores including Holland and Barret

Multhani Mithi and Aloe Vera Gel Mask

It’s that simple!

2) After mixing the 2 ingredients I apply it on my face and leave it to dry.

Multhani Mithi and Aloe Vera Gel Mask

I use this mask once a week and try to be as consistent as I can as I have noticed this is key to being able to see the desired results.

I have also incorporated the gel into a homemade toner upon the recommendation of a youtube skincare video.

For the toner, I use rose water, vitamin e oil (available in capsules from health stores) and aloe vera gel.

This has proved to work wonders for my skin!

Although I now feel more comfortable in my own skin, I am still fascinated with makeup application but I feel less inclined to use the makeup regularly.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY tip!

Please note before trying out any DIY skincare product do a patch test and wait 24 hours. Money Savvy Muslim is not liable for any skin reactions. If in any doubt please consult your Doctor.

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Try this DIY Fuller's Earth and Aloe Vera Mask for clearer skin. This mask is so easy to make, is natural and will brighten your face instantly.

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