TWOK London Flawless Filter Foundation | Review

TWOK London Flawless Filter Foundation Review

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TWOK London Flawless Filter Foundation Review

Flawless looking skin is the ultimate goal of makeup.

Some of us are blessed with flawless skin and don’t appreciate it till it’s too late and some are not blessed need help to create an illusion.

Despite not having many spots or acne during my teenage years Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God).

I’m suffering from hormonal spots, patches on my skin and discolouration ever since I entered my mid-20s.

It all goes downhill after 25 ladies if you don’t look after your skin!

So, when my lovely Instagram friend Valerie blogged about this TWOK London Flawless Filter Foundation, I knew I had to get my hands on it.

Who doesn’t want flawless filter like skin all day every day!

I e-mailed the company to get a colour match on my existing Inglot foundation, and they advised that I buy the shade 50 as it’s the lightest shade in the range.

The company itself caters to women of colour and covers from mid-olive to the darkest black for women of colour.

I really liked that ethos, and since I like saving money and wasn’t about to invest in the very popular Huda Beauty Faux Filter foundation, which hadn’t come out yet, I was all for it.

Retailing at £16.95 the TWOK London Flawless Filter Foundation is incredibly affordable price, but this price does not include P&P.

They also have a line of faux mink lashes and silk lashes available to buy.

TWOK Foundation


The shade I got is way too light for my skin tone, I’ve worn it out a few times and it makes me look like a ghost.

The good thing is that the TWOK London Flawless Filter Foundation doesn’t oxidise, so the colour pretty much remains the same throughout the time you wear it.

It’s affordably priced so it’s accessible for everyone.

For me, the shade matching on the TWOK London Flawless Filter Foundation leaves a lot to be desired.

I really wish they offered samples to try out the foundations at home, as it’s tricky to colour match over the internet.

Secondly, it dried patchy around my nose area, and by the end of the evening disappeared.

Another good thing is its heavy coverage, so you only need a small amount to cover your face.


TWOK Foundation Shade 50 Swatch

If I had got in a shade darker, it may match, but I have 4 foundations I’m trying to use up that do match me, so I won’t be investing in another one from the brand.


If it actually matched my skin, it might have been worth it.

It’s quite heavy, so you only need a small amount to cover your whole face which does make it effective.

For me personally, it’s not the right foundation for my combination skin.

I hope they start offering a sampling service to help customers choose the right shade at home.


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TWOK London Flawless Filter Foundation Review - A review of the TWOK London Flawless Filter Foundation Shade 50 and why it's not a good match for combination skin

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  • nadia 5 months ago Reply

    Thank you for this review! It’s just so stressful to get a new foundation because it’s difficult to get the right shade. In the UAE, one can’t get samples from the stores and the sales ladies will only allow you to swatch under the bright, white light of the mall shop. The shade almost always turn out wrong under the natural daylight.

    Oh how annoying! Whilst the UAE is amazing for food, things to do and scenery, it seems like the beauty scene is just so expensive!

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