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Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette | Review

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Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette | Review

The Urban Decay Naked Heat palette brought so much hype with you’d think the Second Coming of makeup was happening rather than a warm-toned smokey eye palette from the company who made us all semi-experts at smokey eyes.

I’ve never bought a Naked Palette in my life, even when I was working as a Makeup Artist. I never bought into the hype.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette | Money Savvy Muslim Naked Heat Palette - Money Savvy Muslim


The colours in the Urban Decay Naked Heat were totally irresistible!

I’ve always been on the lookout for a warm-toned palette that actually flattered on my skin that didn’t have ridiculous colours in between.

And it had to be sturdy enough to take up and down the country as I travel frequently between my parents and in-laws.

The palette should be able to do a simple as well as the glamorous look and by god the Urban Decay Naked Heat delivers!

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette | Money Savvy Muslim

The colours are all warm, super flattering and enough to create a smokey as well as day look for work and beyond.

Retailing at £39.50, it’s not a cheap palette, but still more affordable than some other palettes we won’t mention that were out at that time.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette | Money Savvy Muslim

With 12 new shades that favour the warmer end of the spectrum, a total departure from the cool toned Urban Decay Naked Palettes, I feel like this is very flattering for any skin tone.


My only problem with this palette is the longevity of the shades.

While they are incredibly flattering, on my oily eyelids they don’t last till the end of the night, unlike my Makeup Geek ones which are not only cheaper singles but also in a variety of colours.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette | Money Savvy Muslim

I’ve just purchased the Urban Decay primer potion, which may help keep the shadows on for longer.

Some of the matte powders do have some kick back, and there are no really deep orange shades.

It comes with its own brush, which I haven’t used so far, preferring to use my own brushes.


I’ve used Swatch Perfect’s Swatch stickers to do the swatches on all the shades.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette | Money Savvy Muslim

I think if you only buy one palette from Urban Decay, this one should be the fun, especially if you have a warmer skin tone.

It is universally flattering and I’m confident with the right primer, it might even last longer!


When purchasing this kind of palette you really have to examine the following things, are you actually going to use it? If you have a couple of palettes or shadows in similar shades, then don’t bother buying it.

If you want all the warm shades in one palette, then I think this is a great addition to a collection.

I am in two minds about it, as the lack of longevity on my eyelids is a source of annoyance but the butteriness, colours and blendability keep me coming back to this time and again.

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4 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette | Review

  1. Those colours are gorgeous! No crazy colours that only works when getting ready for Halloween. If it retails at £39.50 in the UK, I don’t have to courage to even check the prices in Dirhams, haha. I hope the primer helps it last longer.

  2. Gorgeous palette but I know I wouldn’t get enough use out of enough of the shades to justify it. I got the Tarte Toasted as its very similar but has a good range of shades. Its a shame you’re not finding the formula as impressive as its hyped up to be xxx

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