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USpicy Hair Straightening Brush | Review

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USpicy Hair Straightening Brush Review

A brush that straightens AND dries my hair? Could it be?

Yes, USpicy has brought out a hair straightening brush to the market that claims to straighten and dry your hair at the same time.

Inspired by the review that fellow blogger, YouTube Queen and Makeup Artist Nisha Davdra did a while ago, I was persuaded to buy it after years of struggling to dry and straighten my unruly, curly hair.

USpicy Hair Straightening Hair Brush Review


If you haven’t seen the adverts on Facebook over the last few years, then let me enlighten you.

The Uspicy Hair Straightening Brush claims to straighten and dry your hair at the same time.

Attractive to anyone who is rushing out the door but wants that salon quality blow dry rather than the windswept look.

Hijabis like me would find this a timesaver simply because it means we can wash and dry our hair and my out the door, and not catch a cold due to wet hair.

USpicy Hair Straightening Hair Brush Review


The package comes in a very nicely presented box with the electronic hairbrush, a heat protectant glove, travel bag and cleaning brush.

USpicy Hair Straightening Hair Brush Review


The USpicy hair straightening brush costs £20.99 with free delivery if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

USpicy Hair Straightening Hair Brush Review


I had really high hopes for this, but in my opinion, it’s not worth your money.

Having tried it a few times with both wet and dry hair, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not quite a hair dryer and not quite a straightener.

In fact, if you learn to dry your hair properly, it’s much more effective and quicker to do than using this tool.

I’ve finally learned to dry my hair properly for that salon quality look after watching my hairdresser very closely and asking them what products they use.

On thinning hair, it really does nothing to straighten or dry it.

It barely does anything in my opinion other than cause frizz and frustration.


Have you ever heard about or been tempted to buy a straightening hairbrush?

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USpicy Hair Straightening Brush - A review of the USpicy Hair Straightening Brush and why it doesn't do what it says it does and is not worth the money.

2 thoughts on “USpicy Hair Straightening Brush | Review

  1. Reading the title, I was suddenly all excited about the product. Too bad it doesn’t live up to its claims. “…it’s not quite a hair dryer and not quite a straightener.” Which means it’s just a fancy hair brush.

    Thank you so much for this honest review, Humaira.

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